Searching for a Pizza Place in Rochester or Winona, MN?

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Every town has a go-to pizza place, and 5 Dollar Pizza is the place to go in Rochester and Winona, MN. Our owners, Rod and Doug, became business partners to open the perfect pizza joint. They grew up together right here in Minnesota, and they recognized the need for a great pizza place with low prices. The solution? 5 Dollar Pizza.

Dine in or order take-out pizza today by calling our local restaurant.

What makes us special?

What makes us special?

Finding your new favorite pizza place is an exciting moment, and 5 Dollar Pizza wants you to experience that feeling here. We put love and care into each pie we make, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Patrons love our pizza restaurant because...

We make our pizza dough fresh every single day.
We offer excellent prices for all our different pies.
We provide delivery for orders of 10 or more pizzas.

Want to have pizza at home? No problem. Ask about our take-out pizza options today.